Wednesday, September 15, 2004

New and old LS members, please register in the forum

Hi all, Fei hasn't stopped threatening me to recruit and get more people registered on the please register and do one post to the New Members forums! I dont want her bugging me every minute of my life >_<

Click on the forum button, click on register on the top menu, fill out your e-mail and password, and your registered! I'll be changing the forum later so I'm the only one who can register people, and send them passwords to log in. Anyone can freely register for now :P

In-game times for the leaders:
Kugen - Wednesdays, weekends
Fei - None till November


Blogger fei said...

That's Feiw (in-game handle), and I probably won't be playing until December :P

12:19 PM  
Blogger Kugen said...

I dont think you even have much time to play during december one week? lol

1:24 PM  

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